Staff Bios

The Staff at The Rock.

These are the people who are going to help you begin Your Vertical Obsession!

Richard Lodge – Owner and manager


I enjoy…Rock climbing, Bouldering, Surfing, Kite Surfing, Mountain Biking, Mountain Boarding, Traveling and Hanging out at the crags with mates, that is the best bit of all.

Qualifications/Experience…. I am a Qualified Multipitch A.C.I.A  guide and have been guiding outdoors since 2001. I am a level 2 I.R.G.O.A instructor and have been here at the Rock since 2001. I have been climbing since 1992 and have climbed throughout Australia and also the world. I have also competed extensively with a 2nd place in the 2003 state titles and many wins in the Mills Pulling Down The House bouldering series.

I like working at The Rock because…. Fun and enjoyable atmosphere where I can meet different people and introduce them to climbing indoors and take them right through to the outdoors.



I really enjoy traveling, rock climbing, surfing, kayaking and just hanging out with friends.  I started climbing when I was about 16 with my high school. I have been an outdoor activity instructor since 2009 and I really enjoy it!  I’ve climbed in the UK at Blackland Farm and at Stone Farm Rocks, as well as in Australia and of course, here at The Rock.
I like working at The Rock because it’s a great place to work!  The staff are a fun, relaxed bunch of people who are great to work with.  I like meeting new people, and learning new things about climbing.



Hi! My name is Louis Godsell and I’ve been working at ‘The Rock’ since the end of 2012 however I’ve been climbing since around 2006. My first time climbing was at The Rock and shortly after I joined Team Rock and haven’t looked back since.

I’m currently studying civil engineering at Deakin University but climbing is my passion and I enjoy getting out and climbing regularly and my favourite climbing spot is the Grampians. I’ve previously competed at several international climbing competitions and won both national and state level competitions. So if you need some advice to get up that one climb you can’t do feel free to ask!



I’ve worked at The Rock since 2014 and I am studying at Deakin University doing a Bachelor of Science with a major in biology.  I began climbing in 2013 after joining the Deakin Climbing and Outdoor Club and I have loved it ever since! My other hobbies include swimming, running and generally being active. I also enjoy anything food related, especially eating!

Working at The Rock has given me most of the experience I have gained of rock climbing. I have climbed regularly indoors as well as outdoors at Mt Arapiles. I am always trying to learn more to become a better climber and instructor.

I love the challenges that come with climbing and the feeling of achievement when you complete a climb.  I enjoy being able to introduce new people to the sport and show them all the great things about climbing.  The staff here are really friendly and it’s great seeing the regular climbers coming back each week.



I’ve worked at the Rock since Oct 2012.  I love guiding outdoor trips and working with the ‘younguns’ in Team rock and Climb It Club.  I have been climbing for 10 yrs and came to love climbing at age 30, as I learnt to Trad climb at Mt. Arapiles through my Diploma of Outdoor Rec.  Climbing for me is the grand daddy of outdoor pursuits and the best way I know to enjoy mountain / cliff environments.  I come from a skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding background.  These days when I’m not at work, you can find me in the ocean, the mountains or playing my drums!

1998 – 2001 Lived and worked in Edinburgh, Scotland.  2004, Snowboard Instructor Remarkables, N.Z.  2005, Diploma of Outdoor Recreation.  2006 – 2010 Wilderness Therapy worker with Outdoors Inc., Melbourne.  I work as a volunteer for the Pathways Foundation and Palliative Care team of Barwon Health.  I am currently studying a Cert 4 in Fitness, as my interest and knowledge in healthy movement, nutrition, and systems of the body grows.  I have traveled extensively throughout Australia, Europe Asia and Northern India.  

In all of time there has never been another you.  Life is a gift, get into it.  Look after the Earth and our oceans.



I’ve worked at The Rock since 2012, and am currently studying a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science at Deakin University.  I enjoy most sports, dancing and trying new things, I like climbing because of both the physical and mental challenges -  it’s a great work out combined with problem solving, and even if you’re struggling with a climb, everyone’s happy to help out with advice.

Rock instructor since 2012; have a Diploma in Indonesian Language, Cert IV in Fitness & and Allied Health & First Aid.  Comps: 1st C-Grade 2014 Nationals & 3rd B-Grade at 2014 State titles

I enjoy working at The Rock because there’s always something new to learn.  There are lots of great people and it’s a fun environment!  I love being able to aid people with their goals, reaching new heights and achieving things they never imagined possible!



I enjoy hanging out with mates, long boarding, climbing, listening to music, watching movies, diving.  I’ve been climbing for about 6 years, I started when I was 9 in the climb it club program and moved up from there. I have been out door climbing at various places. I have also entered a few rock climbing comps with a some success and heaps of fun.

I like working at The Rock because it’s just an awesome place to be, I get enjoyment out of being with my friends that work here and also helping people climb and watching them improve.



I’ve worked at the Rock since 2014, and I’m currently completing year 12 at Geelong High School, I enjoy subjects such as Visual Communication and Design, Physical Education and Design and technology. I enjoy Football, Skateboarding and Snowboarding, spending time in the outdoors and hanging out with friends and family.

I started climbing at the rock when I was 7 through the climb-it club program and continued climbing indoors and Outdoors at the Grampians and sustained my involvement at the Rock through working here as I thought it would be a great place to develop on my skills and knowledge.

I like working at The Rock because it has a great atmosphere and has become a big part of my life. I’ve met lots of great people, staff and customers that will be life-long friends. I like helping people out and watching their skills improve