Geelong’s Indoor Climbing Centre


The Rock Adventure Centre has been Geelong's vertical obsession since 2001.  With a huge variety of climbs from beginners to experts, gear shop, cafe and an extensive bouldering and training area - The Rock has all your climbing needs covered.

Climbing for all ages


The Rock caters for kids of all ages, ask us about our Birthday Parties!



Cafe - Real espresso coffee, using locally roasted beans,  hot chocolates, cold drinks & snacks available.

"You don't go out for coffee after Climbing, coffee is part of Climbing"Free WiFi



Upstairs, we have our MASSIVE bouldering cave, with over 500m² of constantly changing problems of every style and grade.  Fully padded floor, climbers of all ages and skill levels can get up there to test physical limits, and train for strength and endurance.

Google maps Virtual Tour

The Rock is a great place to climb, but if you haven't been here it can be hard to understand the place. Click on the link below and you get to experience The Rock almost like you were here with a virtual tour. Go ahead, give it a try and have a look around.

Google Virtual Tour

Over 100 Climbs on 25 walls


With walls up to 12 metres high, an extensive roped climbing area with 2 auto belays and 23 top rope set-ups to choose from - over 100 climbs to test every level.  Routes are changed often to create new challenges for regular climbers.

Gear Shop

climbing gear shop

Climbing equipment shop, with all your climbing needs: Chalk, chalk-bags, guidebooks, shoes and much more.  We also welcome orders for gear not in stock.  More info on our Gear Shop page.

Training areas


Extensive training area for intermediate and advanced climbers, stretching area, campus boards & now with a 2016 set Moon Wall, check out

Lead Climbing


For experienced climbers, 11 walls are equipped for lead climbing, with routes up to 15m long.  Bring your own rope, and preferred belay device. If you have not lead here before, you will need to go through a lead check, call first to make sure we can accommodate you.

No More Bookings required

With easing of restrictions on Monday the 23rd of November, we bno longer require bookings, there are no more sessions and you can stay as long as you like. WooHoo!!

Where are we?

Rear 403 (River End) Pakington St,
Newtown, Geelong
Phone 5221 3101

Opening Hours

We're OPEN!  See the Post Covid Booking form/sessions page for more info.

School Term Times:

Monday - Friday 4pm-9:30pm
Saturday 10:00am-5:00pm
Sunday 1:00pm-5:00pm
Public Holidays 12:00pm-5:00pm
(Closed over Xmas Public Holidays)

School Holiday Times:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 12:00pm-6:00pm
Tuesday and Thursday 12:00pm-9:30pm

Trip Advisor

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Popped in for the first time with the kids. Very friendly and helpful staff the entire time we were there. Looks like the place is well used by the locals and whilst we were there for 2 1/2hrs a broad range of visitors came in from other families to what appeared to be very experienced climbers tackling the more challenging walls. Clean bright and airy, the warm up area for the kids upstairs was a great way to build their confidence in getting ready to be harnessed. The team even had a small harness for the youngest one (4 1/2yrs) who also had a climb. With a very relaxed atmosphere there were walls for all levels of difficulty and no rush or pressure to move from any one wall. Great way to spend some holiday fun with the kids and build their confidence not to mention the team work. We'll definitely go back!  (Bunchof5)

Being more of a mountain dweller and ice climber I was a bit stand offish about the whole gym climbing idea but was met with friendly staff who were helpful with instructions. There is a wide range of gear for hire and purchase at great prices. Plenty of walls with grades for beginners through to the very much seasoned climber. Also has a fantastic bouldering area. Highly recommended.  (Maquarie A)

Love this place! Super friendly staff, always someone to climb with/ willing to belay. Huge boulder area and a decent range of easy to brutal climbs. Free parking too! 🙂  (Douglas H)


The ROCK social media

The Rock Adventure Centre

Gym/Physical Fitness Center

The Professionals in Indoor and Outdoor Rockclimbing

The Rock Adventure Centre

The Rock Adventure Centre

6 days 5 hours ago

We are ready and open. No more need for bookings, Rock up have a climb.

The Rock Adventure Centre

The Rock Adventure Centre

1 week 10 hours ago

Covid Update. After great work by everyone throughout the State we have taken another step. This means No More Bookings and no more time limits. Come when you like and stay as long as you like. Remember to keep all the Covid safe ways so we can do this forever now. We will open at 3:30 today but from 4pm tomorrow. If you have a booking, come in then if you like, or just Rock up whenever. WooHoo!! #climbing #bouldering #geelongclimbing #therockadventurecentre #covidnormal #success #bookings👎🏼

The Rock Adventure Centre

The Rock Adventure Centre

1 week 3 days ago

With more announcements this weekend, we anticipate that our numbers for booking will increase. This will be great, more spots to get in and have a climb. We still need to make sure that we are doing all we can to keep everyone safe. Wash your hands, wear a mask and stay apart. We love our couch, but for now, it’s really only a single seater. Stay tuned for details Sunday night/Monday on how we will be changing. #climbing #geelongclimbing #bouldering #socialdistance #couchdistance

The Rock Adventure Centre

The Rock Adventure Centre

2 weeks 2 days ago

Something different in our carpark today. Farmers market running strong with some great local produce. Get down for a 1pm session, still bouldering spots available and have a wander through the market first. #farmersmarket #therockadventurecentre #geelongclimbing #climbing #bouldering

The Rock Adventure Centre

The Rock Adventure Centre

2 weeks 6 days ago

Still spots available for tonight, don’t forget the The Rock is a cooooool place to be. #chilly #climbing #geelongclimbing #bouldering #naturalycool #alwayscool

The Rock Adventure Centre

The Rock Adventure Centre

1 month 1 day ago

Second day back, the first one was a cracker. Still spots available for tonight, especially Climb -it Club which starts back tonight. Jump on to grab a spot.

The Rock Adventure Centre

1 month 2 days ago

Today is re opening day. Hope you have booked and are psyched! Remember your mask and to wash/sterilize your hands often. If you are ill at all, stay home and get tested please. Liquid chalk only, if you don’t have your own, we have plenty in stock.
A big thing to keep in mind, is that while you are super psyched to get back climbing, your body might not be ready for that level of psyche. Take it easy, warm up well and stop early. There is enough time to climb everything, just don't try and do it first time back.

The Rock Adventure Centre

The Rock Adventure Centre

1 month 5 days ago

After some great work done by regional Victoria we are re opening for everyone this Wednesday at 3:30. First for Team Rock but then for everyone.
As per our last opening, bookings are required through our website, our numbers are limited at 10 bouldering and 10 on the ropes. Make your booking for either, sorry, not both.
Of course we need to keep everyone safe, if you are ill at all, or from Melbourne, then you will need to stay home. Wash hands regularly and maintain social distancing. We could not be happier to see you all back this week though. Get Psyched.

The Rock Adventure Centre

The Rock Adventure Centre

1 month 1 week ago

We are beyond happy that we will be re opening in November. Unfortunately it will be just for under 18’s only. So we will be opening a few hours for Team Rock and Climb-it Club each week. We know there are a heap of young crushers who are frothing to get back in for a climb. We will open at 4pm Wednesday the 4th till 6pm, Thursday the 5th from 4pm till 6pm and Saturday the 7th from 10am till 12pm. This will continue until we get the all clear to open to everyone. Sorry we can’t have parents stay, but drop offs will be fine. Of course we have our COVID Safe plan in place and of course we ask that if you are ill or been around anyone ill, that you stay home and get well.
Hopefully it won’t be long till we can have everyone back at The Rock, we have missed all of our climbers, stay safe, stay strong and we will see you soon.

The Rock Adventure Centre

The Rock Adventure Centre

1 month 3 weeks ago

We might not be open yet , but there is a great new fresh food market tomorrow. 2nd Saturday of the month. So when we open back up, come in, have a climb and peruse some great fresh produce. #climbing #bouldering #freshfood #farmersmarket #geelongclimbing