School and Youth Groups

Experienced Instructors

Experienced Instructors

At The ROCK we offer discounted group rates to school and youth groups.

Group sessions are facilitated and supervised by trained and experienced ROCK Instructors.

With over 20 years experience with School  groups, we can tailor your sessions to meet your needs. Whether you are looking to add to the groups knowledge base, or are looking for a fun session climbing, we can deliver exactly what you are after. Contact us and find out.

Group indoor rock climbing sessions run for up to 2 hours (shorter if you need it, we can also run them longer as well, contact us for longer options).  Includes:

  • Safety Lesson and Belay Instruction
  • Bouldering and Rock Climbing
  • Harness Hire
  • Bookings are accepted 9am-9pm; outside our normal opening hours.

Note: Min 10 persons for a group booking.

Schools groups $19 pp: 
The Rock has been running group sessions, both indoor and outdoors, since 2001, so our knowledge and experience to be able to run sessions that work with current school curriculum can't be beaten, just contact us to find out what we can do for you and your students.

Our Indoor sessions take place in both our upstairs bouldering area, as well as the roped areas downstairs. Our instructors are well experienced and can make sure that the challenges for the group

Geelong Grammar Group at The You Yangs.

Geelong Grammar Group at The You Yangs.

are always attainable but still enough to stimulate and foster growth and progression.

Rock Climbing is a great way for kids to face a challenge, both mental and physical and learn how to overcome their fears and preconceived limits. It also instills a great feeling of self confidence as they conquer their limits and look forward to breaking through more barriers in their own lives, either at school or at home.

Safety,Double connection point.

Safety is always a top priority.


I have used The Rock on several occasions across a number of different year levels for a variety of learning outcomes and each of these sessions have been catered specifically for the groups need. Most recently, Richard, the owner of The Rock developed a lesson based around the technology used in rock climbing and the benefits this has had to the experience of this sport. This was extremely beneficial for my VCE Outdoor and Environmental studies class and helped them reflect on this for their school assessed coursework. The Rock staff have always been friendly and approachable but most importantly highly qualified which contributes to the overall positive experience. The two hour session included a warm up/technique session in the bouldering area where students learnt how to activate their core strength and incorporate balance into their climbing technique. The challenges set in this warm up were achievable for a range of students and encouraged them to continue working towards their goals. The students learn how to belay for each other which requires concentration and communication skills and also builds and sense of responsibility for others. The facility itself has a huge variety of climbing walls which range from beginner walls to more experienced. I would highly recommend The Rock to schools who are looking to further develop their outdoor and recreation subjects.

Thankyou Richard and the Rock staff for yet again another fantastic experience.
Anthea McGarrigle
Grovedale College
School group,fully supervised.

Outdoor Sessions $80

We can also take your students Outdoors. This can be a great way to progress the skills and knowledge learnt indoors into the Outdoor environment. With over 14 years experience in the outdoor education arena we can facilitate sessions for your students that can challenge them physically and mentally as well as giving them a better appreciation for the outdoors and the environment as well.

These sessions run for 4 hours, generally from 10am till 2pm, which fits in with a school day. We can always tailor these times to suit. In the 4 hours we climb as well as finishing the session with an abseil. These days are always a great way for the students to really challenge themselves both physically and mentally and our experienced instructors are there to assists them to get the most from the day.

Sessions include harness and helmet hire, as well as all the ropes and safety equipment needed and of course our highly experienced instructors.

The sites that we use Outdoors are The You Yangs, Staughton Vale and Werribee Gorge. These are all ideally suited for both Melbourne and Geelong schools and offer a great range of climbing and Abseiling options.

Outdoor climbing locations

LTO_sticker Climbing at the You Yangs, Werribee Gorge and Staughton Vale

We have now found that a great way to get students ready for the outdoors is too run them through an indoor session first where they can gather the skills, knowledge and confidence inside before tackling the sometimes daunting walls outside. Contact us if this fits with your timetable and we will cater the group towards this end.

Outddor School group

Group gathered at the base of the cliff at Staughton Vale

Striving to reach their best.

Striving to reach their best.