School Holidays

School Holiday Climbing

Empower your little ones with the ultimate gift of growth, resilience, and boundless fun! Introducing our  – where every ascent is a triumph and each challenge transforms into victory. Watch as they develop not just physical strength, but also mental resilience and problem-solving skills. Climbing isn’t just a sport; it’s a confidence-building adventure that nurtures teamwork, focus, and a love for the great outdoors  – because the best views come after the hardest climbs.

No Need for bookings and no time limits

All Instruction Included

Family Passes: Don’t forget, you can also just come in at any time as a family (no time limits), and instructors are always available to help you get started and “show you the ropes”.  The ROCK’s Family Climbing Passes are a great, affordable way for the whole family to experience the fun & excitement of indoor climbing.

During the Victorian School Holidays
The ROCK is OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK from 12 noon.

[See Contact US for full opening hours]

Some images from the Rock’s School Holidays:

School holiday Kids on the ropes School holiday session games

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