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Here’s our most Frequently asked questions, if you’ve got any others, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Are there age requirements to climb at The Rock?
The Rock has climbing for all ages and abilities.  Kids can climb usually from the age of 5; if your child is climbing everything at home, then there’s a good chance he/she can climb our walls.  We do require that all belayers (the person who holds the rope to keep the climber safe) be at least 13.  Also, participants under the age of 18 must have a parent sign one of our Participant Agreement forms before climbing.

I’ve never climbed before, can I still climb at The Rock?
Most definitely.  On your first visit to The Rock our Instructors will take you through a Safety Instruction Session which includes learning the basics of climbing, fitting your harness and belaying (if over 13 years of age).  We also run Beginners Programs – contact us for more info.

What if I don’t own any climbing equipment?
Not a problem, we have everything you need available for rent, including harnesses, shoes & chalk bags (the shoes and chalkbag are optional, but they do make climbing a lot easier).  See our Rates Page for hire costs.  We also have a well stocked gear shop should you wish to purchase any.

What should I wear?
Tracksuit pants and a t-shirt are ideal, however anything you can move in comfortably is fine. For girls, skirts or dresses are definitely NOT suitable. While climbing shoes are the best option, running shoes with good grip on the sole (and laces done up) are often adequate for beginners and young children.  Barefeet, thongs, loose fitting shoes or shoes with open toes are not suitable.

Will there be staff members on hand to belay if I come in by myself?
Unfortunately we cannot provide staff to belay, but we now have two SELF / AUTO BELAY systems in place.  The Rock also has a large bouldering area for customers who come in by themselves, and it usually is not difficult to find other people in the gym to climb with.

What types of payment do you accept at The Rock?
We accept cash, Eftpos, Visa and Mastercard.  We do not accept American Express or Diners Club cards.

Can we bring along our own food?
Due to health and safety issues, we ask you do not bring your own food inside the centre unless you have booked the self-catered birthday party option.  We do sell tea and coffee, cold drinks, potato chips, chocolate bars and ice-creams which can be consumed inside the centre at the designated tables.  We do provide FREE water, and of course you can bring your own water-bottle.