Post Covid Bookings

Please take note of the following ‘Post Covid’ climbing conditions:

Session Booking Form

Please Read Before Booking

  • Sessions are limited to 10 persons max.  Once sessions book out, they will not appear on this page.
  • This will go to 30 FULLY Vaccinated 16+ induviduals on the 22nd of October
  • Proof of FULLY Vaccinated status required for entry into The Rock from the 22nd of October.
  • Consider others: Only book your session if you are intending to show up.  Only one session per day; but you can re-submit the form to book multiple days.
  • We can only hold bookings for 15 minutes after the session starts; after which they will be offered to the next in line.
  • Belayers for those under 13 NEED to be booked in as well. Call us if unsure 52213101

Please do NOT use this form for group bookings (quantity over 5 persons); for group bookings please use the Group Booking Page or contact us directly.