Rock Climbing the new total Fitness workout.

Fitness and strength, we want it but have you been down at the local gym, staring blankly at the front of a treadmill or watching the weight stacks going up and down, wondering what you are doing this for? Plenty of us have been there, bored with the same old workout that you are do, just so you can get through the next one, wondering what this fitness is actually for. Now, more and more people are finding that your workouts don’t have to be like that. Climbing is becoming more peoples workout of choice.
Generally climbing has always been considered the domain of the outdoor adventure junkie and thrill seeker. The Rock however has a bright, cruisy atmosphere staffed by climbers who are experienced and psyched to give everyone the best, safest and most exciting climbing experience they can.
Climbing is about the community that is around now and is the workout that you will look forward to heading out for, rather than dreading. The feeling that you get when you get up a climb that you have been struggling on is amazing, so much so that you don’t realize that you are getting a low impact full body workout at the same time, this is what a climbing workout offers. Not only are you strengthening everything from your toes through to your fingertips, your mind is so engaged in the whole experience that you forget that you are getting a workout. You also have a goal for the next visit, getting up that particular climb has a huge motivational effect on your training and helps you to focus through that last lap to help ensure success.
We have a great bunch of regulars that climb at The Rock and most of them have met through here, sharing the challenges that the walls give and offering encouragement and a “catch” when they fall off.
The Rock prides itself on the quality and professional nature of all our sessions, both indoor and outdoor. Rock climbing is not only great fun, it’s also a great challenge both physically and mentally. It is an ideal activity for people of all ages as we have over 25 different walls with over 100 climbs to choose from. You can come in and really test your mind and your body and find your limit, or just have a great session with your mates for fun!”

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